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From high speed Internet and advertising on TV to phone systems and unified communications, we connect you to your customers and the world. Contact our team today to develop the best solutions for your business.

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David Adams

As GM, David is responsible for managing the company and its growing service offerings. David brings 12 years of communications experience to the Green Hills community and is passionate about providing best-in-class services to his customers.

Chuck Erke
Information Systems Manager

Chuck is responsible for the implementation and management of technologies inside and outside of the company. Chuck has 17 years of experience in delivering solutions to businesses throughout the Green Hills area. Get in touch with Chuck to discuss what GHC can do for you.

Tony Figg
Business Sales Manager

Tony has more than 20 years experience as a reputable IT consultant to many local businesses, government entities, and educational institutions. He can review and assess your current services and propose solutions for improved productivity and efficiency. To get started, contact Tony today at 660-644-5411.

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